2021-22 Class Calendars


Tuesday/Thursday – 3 Year-Olds 9:00-11:30                                                      
Tari Orsburn, Teacher (585)721-0709

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 4’s/Multiage 9:00-12:00                                  
Megan DuVall, Teacher(585)755-3778

PLEASE NOTE:  Orientation for 3’s and 4’s /Multiage Classes will be incorporated with his/her first day of regular classes.  We request a parent or representative to accompany each child on the first day.  This person will spend about an hour in the classroom area with the children and teaching staff, after which time he/she will be invited to the Family Room to meet the other parents, ask questions, and discuss some of the policies and procedures of St. John’s Christian Preschool.

2021-2022 School Calendar

September 13                                      Mon/Wed/Fri 4’s /Multiage Class Begins

September 14                                      Tues/Thurs 3’s Class Begins

October 11                                            NO SCHOOL – COLUMBUS DAY

November 5                                          4’s/Multiage Class Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 11                                       NO SCHOOL – VETERANS’ DAY

November 22 – 26                               NO SCHOOL – THANKSGIVING RECESS (return 11/29)

December 20 – 31                               NO SCHOOL – CHRISTMAS RECESS (return 1/03)

January 17                                            NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King, Jr. Recess

January 24                                            Registration opens for 2022-23 school year to current                                                 enrollees and members of St. John’s Lutheran Church

February 5                          Open House & Registration (Open to Public) 9–11 AM

February 21 – 25                                 NO SCHOOL – President’s Day Recess (return 2/28)

March 11                                               4’s/Multiage Class Parent/Teacher Conferences

April 11 – 15                                         NO SCHOOL – EASTER HOLIDAY RECESS (return 4/18)

May 26                                                  Closing Day for 3’s  Class

May 27                                                  Closing Ceremony for 4’s/Multiage Class

We will have classes on October 8 and March 18.  Pal-Mac has scheduled teacher conference days.  We do have extra days off at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter due to events happening in the Church.