Thanksgiving Announcement

Good News Gazette 10/22/20

Missions & Ministry

I apologize. Although it is not even Thanksgiving, the schedule of the Good News Gazette makes it necessary to address our Christmas Food and Gift baskets now. This very different year presents us with some challenges. We have added no new families on our list this year and each of the 21 names on our list are people who have come to depend on us to help them be able to give gifts and food to their children.

Many of us will not be comfortable with in-person worship in the foreseeable future, and that means we cannot post names and descriptions on the Christmas “angels” in the church. This year we are going to use a computer sign-up system called “Sign-up Genius” instead. This will allow you to select the child/children you wish to provide gifts for using your computer. You will be able to go to the site, select the one(s) you want, and enter your name. You will receive a confirmation through your email. The address for the sign-up genius will be at the end of this article, but for those of you who do not wish to type that in, an e-mail will be sent to you in a few weeks which will allow you to access the sign-up with a single click.

If you do not have computer access, or if the system does not work for you, you can call me and we will sign up together. My number is 315-986-4247

Also at the end of the list will be a list of the food we hope to provide to our families. The Boy Scouts did not go scouting for food this year, so there is quite a shortage. Missions & Ministry has come up with a list covering some basics, and we hope that members of the congregation will be able to donate. There is also a sign-up genius list for food donations, but if you would just like to bring some things to the church, we will use whatever you can give. There will be a basket to receive food outside the church doors.

The food we would like to give to our families

  • Box of potatoes (2)
  • Canned vegetables (2)
  • Canned fruit (2)
  • Package cookies
  • Jar peanut butter
  • Jar jam or jelly
  • Can tuna fish (2)
  • Jar Mayo
  • Ketchup
  • Pasta
  • Jar Pasta sauce
  • Breakfast cereal (2) mustard
  • Macaroni & cheese (2)
  • Can soup (2)
  • Can baked beans (2)
  • Stuffing mix
  • Can Cranberry sauce

Address to sign-up for food:

Address to sign up for gifts: