Missions & Ministry

Do you have stuff you would like to sell but don’t have a great place to hold a garage sale? Mission & Ministry is holding a community garage sale Saturday, August 3rd from 9-4pm in the St. John’s parking lot. We will rent tables for $15 each so you can take advantage of the Farmington Carnival traffic and sell, sell, sell all those things you have been itching to get rid of. Proceeds from the table rentals will go toward a St. John’s Pre-School scholarship. Space is limited to 15 tables. A sign-up list is posted in the family room. We would like to open up the opportunity to sell some sort of concessions during the sale to other church teams. If your group would like to raise a little $$$ by selling a snack or beverage, or if you have any questions please see Kim Baxter or another member of the Mission & Ministry Team