December Message

As you read this article, letter the deadline for photos and the church census will have passed. By December 1st we wanted to have the data collected to put out a draft of the directory. There will be a binder in the family room with a hard copy of the directory in draft form. Please make any data corrections to this version. If your picture is missing or you did not get one taken, please contact Nikki Kirsch as soon as possible. It is our goal that shortly after the first of the year we will be able to go to print. I know it’s a busy time of year, but also it’s the one time of year that everyone comes through the church.

Also on December 16th is our annual voters meeting it is the opportunity for all the great things they have done throughout this past year. Besides we will approve a budget and hopefully, have some productive conversations about the future of St John’s. This is the same day as the Children’s Christmas Pageant, We will be having a potluck lunch after late service with the Voter’s meeting following.  I encourage you to do everything you can to be there.

Lastly, I would like to share with you some data that has been collected over the last several years. We have been blessed in many ways. We continue to have a thriving congregation, we have found our way through a difficult situation, we are not the same congregation we were a year ago. But as the voters meeting shares with you the state our congregation like to provide some perspective or financial situation. Below you will find our offering numbers by months and aggravated annually for the past several years. As we head into December, we are projected to be $10,000 behind last year’s giving. The council and the finance committee had the foresight to forecast a decreasing giving, and we made budget and personnel decisions accordingly. We are not $10,000 in the red we are approximately $3,000 behind what are expenses have been for the year.

Well, the graph below clearly shows a cyclical pattern I hope this year represents the bottom of one of those cycles. Compared to other congregations in our circuit and in the local area we are in the excellent condition we have our savings to cover our shortfall, and we also have one more month to reduce at 10 k shortfall and giving. As a member of this congregation, I think it’s essential that we are transparent with where we are financially as well as spiritually.

I hope each of you takes time to enjoy the holidays with your families at home and your family is here at church. May you have a wonderful Advent and a blessed Christmas

Yours in Christ