November Message


Last month I chose not to write an article for the “Good News-Gazette.” Not because I didn’t have the time or a good idea what to write about….but, did you notice that there was no president’s article? Did you wonder why? How many of you asked a question? I can tell you, but the number of phone calls, text messages, emails and comments can be added up and equaled to 1.


I have a couple different thoughts on the number of responses that I received about not having an article. The first; did you even notice the article was gone? Was it something you become so accustomed to that you look at it and read it without much thought, and it didn’t have much meaning to you, but you read it because it is there. The other side of it was, you did notice it was gone and perhaps wondered why, but didn’t reach out or say anything to anyone because you didn’t think it was of your concern?


Yes, we’re talking about a newsletter article but what if it were more than just that? If it were a family ? Do we notice when our friends and family are at church? Do we make them feel welcome and that they’re appreciated when they’re here? How do we answer when they’re not there? Do we reach out? Do you wonder where they are? If we’re honestly a family of families, do we take care of each other as our family?


Not to change topics, but this November we are in a very different spot, then we were 12 months ago. In fact, I would even make the argument that our congregation today has evolved and is in a very different place. We are still in the process of traveling the path set before us, but a year ago I did not know what that path was. The road has not been easy or smooth. In fact, there spots that have been bumpy and some curves have been sharp, but this is the plan as the Holy Spirit has guided us through. We are reminded that we are here to serve the body of Christ and we are not owned except for the fact that Christ holds us and we are here to serve him.


I hope that we can remember the conflicts of the past and we can keep it in perspective as we move forward. We have acknowledged the history and hopefully improved ourselves, so we do not repeat those same mistakes. I will even recognize that the healing process is not near over and there are some that are still hurt, and there are some who have turned away from God but we continue to pray, we continue to work, and we look towards the future. St John’s has many blessings in front of it and anything that allows us to be successful and allows us to continue the mission of the church. Our physical building and facilities are stable, we have mission and outreach going on in our congregation through many outlets, we have money coming in and money being spent. As we look around the area, we do not have to look very far to find churches and communities that are struggling to survive. However, given all of our struggles, survival has not been one of them. We continue to come together as a community and as a church as a family to build and grow towards the future.


Our annual update, the. 2018 voters meeting is scheduled for December 16th at 1 p.m. This is a bit later in the year then traditionally has been. We are trying something new. Our annual Christmas pageant will be held that day during the 11am service on the 16th.  We are going to have a potluck reception after service to celebrate the work of our children. Afterward, we’ll convene our annual meeting, and we will have some teens available to watch children during the meeting. Every one of us is busy this time of year, and every one of us has more on the schedule than the year before, but I’m encouraging you, please block out a bit of time to review and celebrate the work of our church and lay the foundation for what will come in the next year. Thanks!