November Message


It’s that time of year again! Only God could paint the landscape around us in such beautiful colors! What comes to your mind and for that matter your mouth as you see the leaves turning and the weather growing cooler?

For some the response might be; “Ugh, I’m going to have to rake and pick up all these dead leaves!”  Another might be; “Oh No, this means Winter, cold, snow, and ice is on its way!  Whatever our reaction God reminds us in the fourth chapter of Philippians:



 “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”



Here God is directing our attention first of all to rejoice. Next, He reminds us to get rid of anxiety.  Easier said than done right? God shows us how to achieve that goal; be thankful!

I would like to personally thank you, the members of St. John’s for your loving care and display of Jesus’ love each and every day! Joined together as the body of Christ we lift each other up, bearing the burdens of life together, and celebrating God’s goodness. This is accomplished in many ways.  Some are seen while many others are unseen. There are so many little things that “just get done” by people who never hear a thank you! Let’s just name a few:

Thank you to:

Our Pastoral Assistant, Lance Eckler & Mary Ballou for the proof reading, bulletin folding and office assistance.


Our Servants Leaders:

 Readers: Linda Armstrong, Kevin Delehanty, Jen Barnes, Linda Braun, Nicky Kirsch, Debbie Beiderbecke, Phil Beiderbecke, Susie Habberfield, Al Schoenknecht, Lauree Meehan, Phoebe Eckler,& Marty Barmaster.

Ushers; Linda Armstrong, Don Dulmage, Ed Holtz, Luann Holtz, Don Musfeldt, Dale Power, Cheryl Power, Gerald Case, Don Kuehnert, Steve Maier, Jeff Netzband, Karen Netzband, Al Schoenknecht, Lynda Scribner, Gary Scribner, Jen Barnes, Howie Barnes, Melissa Netzband , & Paul and Karen Meyer.

Greeters: Vicky Payne, Mary Ballou, Candy Aldrich, Kirsch’s, Howie & Jen Barnes ,Heidi Van Aken ,Karen Scofield, Linda Armstrong& many more.

Acolytes; Mikey Kirsch, Adam Smith, Laura Smith, Haylee Walters, & Ciarra Patience.

Altar set up and care: Luann Holtz, Cindy Trullo, Cheryl Power, Linda Braun, Sheri Schoenknecht, Marge Laws, Lisa Maier, Alice Daskiewich.

The Counting Teams; Marvin Miner, Marge Laws, Al Schoenknecht, &Steve Torkelson.


Christian Ed Board: Jackie Weidmayer, Rachel Smith, Nicky Kirsch, Phoebe Eckler.

Sunday School Teachers; Jackie Weidmayer, Steve & Lisa Maier, Linda Braun, Rachel Smith & Jen Jacobs,  Phoebe Eckler, Lance Eckler.

Youth Coordinator; Lance Eckler

The countless number who volunteer during VBS.

Sunday School Superintendents: Linda Braun and Shari Schoenknecht.

Preschool Staff: Lynda Scribner, Cheryl Power, Tari Orsburn, Mary Zuege.

Leadership teams:

Our Church Council; Howie Barnes, Steve Maier, Paulette Kuehnert, Steve Torkelson, Jennifer Delehanty, Jennifer Barnes, Jackie Weidmayer, Ed Holtz, Linda Armstrong, Candy Aldrich as well as all our board members.

 Elders: Jen Barnes, Gary Scribner, Sharon Jenkins, Mary Ballou, Cathy Carpenter.

Music Ministry:

Praise Band Leader, Lance Eckler,

Praise Band members; Steve Maier, Ryan Smith, Paul Hammerick, Lisa Maier, Linda Braun, Phoebe Eckler, Steve Torkelson, Kyle Scribner.

Choir director, Melissa Netzband

Choir members; Jackie Weidmayer, Jennifer Barnes, Lance Eckler, Steve Maier, Steve Torkelson, Dave Mullen, Lisa Maier, Linda Armstrong, and Susie Habberfield,

Organist and accompanist: Evelyn Suppo.

Soloist: Marty Barmaster.

Things unseen:

Connie White for organizing the hymnals and sanctuary each and every week;

Linda Hill for the bulletin boards in the entry ways of church:

Don Kuehnert for the countless hours spent at church taking care of all the little and big things that need to be maintained.

Building & Grounds work:

Flowers garden and grounds: Jen, Kevin, Max and Aaron Delehanty, Linda Braun, Don Kuehnert , Dave Mullen.

Lawns: Dave Mullen.

Custodian:  Cassandra Boerman  .

Congregational life and planning:

Mike Weisenberg, Glen Bastian, Keenagers.

Hospitality group: Alice Daskiewich, Jan Plumb, Izzie Braun, Jean Heberle, Roger Carpenter, Cathy Carpenter, Nancy Wint, Lonnie Statucki and many who donate goods and food and time!


There are so many people involved in the ministry of St. John’s and I’m certain I have left some out. Please accept my apologies for those I may have missed. We could not do it without you!  We are so blessed to have so many involved in the life and support of God’s work. Please say a personal thank you when you see any of these awesome saints of God.


Did you notice anything in this list?  Did you notice the number of names repeated over and over again? Another way for us to give thanks is to use the talents and abilities God has given us to add our names to this list!  There are many areas you can serve our Lord and each other regardless of physical or time constraints.  I ask you to prayerfully consider stepping out in faith and join with these brothers and sisters in Christ as we serve Him in this coming year!


As we pause this month with all our thanksgivings, we give thanks for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ as we serve together in His kingdom.



Serving Christ with you,

Pastor Weidmayer +++