Family Promise of Ontario County is ready to start helping people change their lives for the better.  We, St. John’s Lutheran, Pumpkin Hook, are scheduled to support St. John’s Lutheran, Victor, as they host families beginning the week of September 30 – October 7.


Volunteer opportunities and very specific and segmented, allowing many people to participate in the ways that suit them best.  Meal prep and delivery, eating dinner with the families, evening fellowship, overnight stay and breakfast are some opportunities that allow us to interact with the families.  There are also additional “behind the scenes” opportunities if you prefer to do that.  All are opportunities to be part of this program which is helping families become sustainably independent.


No matter how you choose to participate (or even if you have not yet decided if you want to volunteer) you will want to come to an orientation/training meeting which will be held at St. John’s Victor on September 27 or 28 (specific date will be decided soon).  This will give you the chance to see the place where the families will stay and meet our partner congregation volunteers.  We will see how the program really works and how each volunteer – either working with our guests or behind the scenes – is an integral part of the system.  I promise that you will gain incredible insight.


Would you please e-mail me – Candy Aldrich – @ and let me know that you are ready to help out.  Or you can call me at 315-986-4247 and chat if you prefer.  You do not even need to choose how you want to help at this time.  We want to assemble a pool of people willing to give a few hours of their time for one or two days in the week a few times a year.  With enough volunteers from us and St. John’s Victor, no one will have to do more than they can handle.  Together we can make this happen.


For insight into the structure of the week, go to