On September 16th at 12:30PM The Elders would like to invite anyone who would like to be part of the new membership committee to join us for a meeting.  We will be giving names of families to the those at the meeting.  If you have a gift of conversation and would like to be part of this ministry- please prayerfully consider joining us on September 16th!


The board of elders is looking for a few people to become part of the new membership committee. This group will work hand in hand with the elders visiting and calling people who are not able to attend church or whose life means that they aren’t always there on a Sunday morning. For some, it will also mean sharing Holy Communion with people. IF you are blessed with an ear for listening and a heart for praying, please consider becoming part of the membership committee, If you are interested please attend the meeting September 16th or you can leave a note at the church office or call Jen Barnes @ 585-261-7603..  You can reach us at elders@pumpkinhook.org  or by leaving a note in our mailbox. Thank you