RALLY DAY 2018—-note the date!

Linda Braun

September 16th at 9:45 (Pre-school Anniversary on 9/9)

The Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische, St. Johannes Kirche, now called St. John’s Lutheran Church, began in 1879 as a mission post in the District No. 5 School House in the Town of Macedon, at the intersection of Victor and Canandaigua Roads, known as “Chimney Corners.” A Lutheran pastor, the Rev. G. Seel of Newark, NY, served the infant parish. In 1886 the congregation was formally organized, and its constitution was adopted in January 1887. Sixteen men signed the original document.

So, here we are over 135 years later, continuing the doctrine and traditions of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  We have an active Sunday School and Bible Study for all ages.  We provide these opportunities between our two services so that our children can attend worship services with their families.

Our Christian Education program has 4 components.  These special programs are designed to reach out to different members of our congregation.

  • Sunday School for children in grades Pre-K (age 3 min.)- 6th grade meets on Sunday mornings at 9:45am. We gather in the sanctuary for an opening of music, prayer and celebration.  At 10am the children go to their classrooms for instruction in multi-age groupings.  These classes include PreK-K, 1-3, 4-6 (subject to change).  We use the Gospel Light Curriculum to guide us through our studies.  In addition, we look forward to sharing music and drama with our congregation during our Christmas Pageant and other opportunities.  Reminder that a dedication of Bibles to our 4th graders will be given on 9/16.
  • Youth Confirmation is for children in grades 7-8. In this 2-year program, children learn about the bible and the doctrine of the Lutheran Church. The first year will be taught by lay-leaders as they study the Bible.  The second year is led by the pastor as they use the Luther’s small catechism to study doctrine.  Celebrations are held throughout these two years to build friendships and strengthen our Christian beliefs.  If you have a child who missed confirmation at the middle school level, please feel free to speak with Pastor so that other opportunities can be discussed.
  • Teen Class: Children in 8-12th grades meet on Sundays at 9:45 to study the word of God, ask questions, learn from one another and develop friendships. This year, Linda Braun will be leading the class.  We invite kids to work together to create activities which will strengthen their Christian beliefs and friendships.  We look forward to special breakfasts, outings, retreats, service projects and potentially a mission trip or youth gathering!
  • Adult Bible Studies: On Sundays, adults meet to study the word of God.  They enjoy each other’s friendship and learn from one another.  Watch for upcoming Men’s Breakfasts which include a Bible study.  Opportunities for small group studies are always welcome.  If you have an idea, please see the Pastor or Sunday School director.

We hope to see you at St. John’s.   Volunteers are always welcome!  If you would like an age appropriate Bible, or if you have any questions regarding our program, please contact Linda Braun.

In Christ,  Linda Braun, Sunday School Director, (315) 538-8725,  frau11braun@gmail.com.