Babylon VBS 2018 was a success!

Rachel Smith

Approximately 50 children each day learned about what life was like in the days of Daniel and Babylon.

  • They moved in family tribes throughout the beginning and closing celebration that was decorated to look like Babylon, headed outside to the playground palace, and entered the marketplace filled with crafts and snack.
  • They heard stories about Daniel, who was brought to Babylon against his will, when Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, when those 3 men survived the fiery furnace, when Daniel prayed even though he could get in trouble, and when God saved Daniel from the lion’s den.
  • They learned songs to help them remember God’s love, were encouraged to look for God sightings daily, and learned daily Bible Memory makers that reminded them that when things change, when you need help, when you are afraid, when you are lonely, and when you are thankful, GOD IS WITH YOU!
  • The week closed with the children singing their songs for their families, and celebrating afterward with and ice cream social!
  • Throughout the week, the children and families were given information about Family Promise, and at the end of the week they had given offerings of over $300 that will be donated to them!


Thank You!

There are countless people to thank for making this VBS work.  The members of Board of Christian Education, who began so many months ago deciding what trip we would take and begin the planning.  The people who volunteered time and materials for decorations, snacks, crafts, etc. People who helped set up on-line registration, shared the registration with families, and helped publicize the event.  People who helped decorate, organize, rearrange, and make church transform to Babylon.  The people who spent countless hours to plan their part of the week, gather and order materials, came early and stayed late, and took a whole week out of their lives to give to the children.  The people who spent every day with the children, helping them learn and encouraging them to grow their faith in God.  The people who organized and hosted a party for the staff members during the week. The people who stayed after and helped clean, put away, rearrange, and put church back together.  This could not have happened without any one of you, and THANK YOU to you all.