Red Cross Comfort Kits Coming soon!!!

Coming this Fall, we will once again be assembling the kits for the Red Cross.  Date to be determined.

However, we are in dire need of some small/travel size basics such as:

Shampoo, Body Soap (bar or liquid), Toothpaste, Facial Tissues (Multi-packs!)

We also need:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Disposable Razors (Multi-packs!)
  • Hand Disinfectant (Multi-packs!)
  • Combs (Multi-packs!)

As you travel throughout the year, please collect those travel sized toiletries and bring them in to church.  Please contact your dentist, orthodontist, dermatologist or any doctor that has samples to give out. Many times they will provide an abundance of samples when they know it’s going to a good cause!

Lastly, anything we don’t use this year may be used for Family Promise.It’s a win-win for those in need!

Questions, please contact Karen Netzband, 585-943-8621,

Helping Hand?!?!

We have been working with the Red Cross for many years making the Comfort kits.  However, it’s grown to a point that I need help. I will continue this mission, however, listed below is a few details that need/should be done each year.

Count the donations a few times a year to see if we are on track to make the kits.

If not on track, communicate to the congregation what the needs are or just to remind to continually collect the items so we don’t fall short at the last minute.

Contact local hotels/motels for the toiletries.  This works! I have done it locally. Follow up each year. Make arrangements of when to come back each year.

Use our individual connections for doctors. Who is going to ask which doctor so we don’t have multiple people ask one doctor’s office.

Write Thank You letters to each doctors office, hotel or business that provides us with toiletries or a financial donation.

Can anyone help?   With your help and input we can make this mission flourish!  Many thanks, Karen Netzband, 585-943-8621,