July News

Now it’s time to stop our play

Please put all the toys away

Make it quick and make it neat

Don’t stop until the job’s complete

Now it’s time to stop our play

Please put all the toys away

Thank you”

If this little ditty sounds familiar to you, you may have attended St. John’s Christian Preschool at some time during the last 50 years.  Alumni share some memories…

My favorite memories?  The most vivid one is making and eating “Stone Soup” while we learned about sharing.  Also, Pastor Carl brought his puppets in to visit all the time. We never knew who to expect when he walked in. Also, we had this great water/sand table that the teachers would switch back and forth. Bet they loved that!”

Shannon “Scribner” Marshall (class of 1989)

“I was in the first Preschool class. I remember playing with the blocks and teeter totter. Snack time and storytelling. Mrs. Kuehnert was my teacher. It was a very long time ago…

Suzy “Bastian” Habberfield (class of 1969)

Join us in sharing your memories as we prepare for our 50th Anniversary Celebration on September 9th. We’d love to hear from you!

Also, If you are interested in learning more about our Preschool or you would like a personalized tour, please email me at preschool@pumkinhook.org or call/text me at (585)298-1547. Thank You!  Lynda Scribner, St. John’s Preschool Director