Jennifer Barnes

1931341_114093315374_9771_nHi, I have been a lifelong member of St. John’s from when my mother Jean Heberle decided I should be baptized at our home by Pastor Kuehnert, and later was confirmed and married by Pastor Carl.

During my years at St. Johns I have served in many roles from Sunday school teacher, choir member, servant leader to being on a variety of boards. These include Worship Music and the Arts, Stewardship and the Board of Trustee as Secretary, Vice President and President.

I believe that St. John’s is a special place, a place of family and a place of worship and look forward to serving on the Board of Elders to help guide the church to its future in God’s Kingdom. I am a chiropractor which I have been for 25 years now!

I spend my time with my husband Howie and our twins Katie and Howie who are graduating from high school this year. I love to travel but also love to curl up with a good book or go see a good movie.

I believe that God has a plan for us and we need to check with Him daily to make sure our plans are His plans or He will just laugh when we try and do our own thing! (ask me about my experience with that).