Keenagers May 2018

What a time we had Sunday, April 15th. Men and women attended the 1st luncheon and DVD showing of The Texas Tenors. We brought our own sandwiches and Joyce Carr, and Marge Laws brought in desserts. I have never heard a group at church laugh and laugh at the antics that went on?  Jean Heberle and I put on quite a show for our appreciation of these fantastic singers.(hope we didn’t do too much fooling around?!)

This just shows how a little DVD of The Texas Tenors, lunch and popcorn after the service, made a lot of people happy and content. Praise be to God!

The Covered Wagon Tours have an overnight bus trip planned on July 13-14 to Lancaster, PA to see The Texas Tenors. The price is $319 double. Honestly, if you want to look at them in person, this is the trip for you. I already know that a few of us are going, why don’t you join us. This would be great for couples and all ages to come and enjoy good clean entertainment. Let’s fill a bus?? Call Jean Heberle(585-654-6291) or Izzie Braun (315-538-8725) if you want to join us or call Covered Wagon Tours at 585-438-3063 for more information. Thanks

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