March Update

The most recent meeting of Family Promise was held on Monday, March 12 at the Wellspring Church in Clifton Springs.
GOOD NEWS: The Treasury currently holds $134,600, $150,000 is needed in order to open; the Comfort Food Cookoff raised $3,200! BIG thanks to Carolyn Rosenzweig, Luann Holtz and ‘In Him’; Family Promise is moving from the developmental stage to the operational stage. This means that we are on target to begin helping our neighbors in September.
DAY CENTER UPDATE: The day center continues with its renovations. Electrical work is done, plumbing is almost completed, and construction is coming up. Volunteers will be needed to help with parts of construction. St. John’s Episcopal is covering all the costs for this. The committee is moving forward with legal actions (all being done pro bono by two law firms) to attempt to change the zoning. In the meantime, a temporary location has been made available in Geneva just in case things are not resolved by September.

  • A presentation was made by Sue Owen from the Church of the Assumption in Fairport. This church has been hosting families for 15 years! Sue gave a description of exactly what the hosting experience was like, the food coordinator described her experience, and Andrea Clarke, a “graduate” of the program, explained her experience in Family Promise and how it helped her become independent.
    Sue spoke about the joy of providing hospitality to families in crisis. The families – who are carefully screened to make sure they are appropriate for the program – have lost everything. Family Promise gives them a little time and space to get their bearings and some guidance to help them find their way to a more settled, less chaotic life. Congregations provide them with a safe place to sleep, good meals, and some friends during this rough patch.
  • The host congregations (with help from support congregations) need: people who will set up bedrooms at the beginning of the week and take them down at the end; people who will plan meals; people who will coordinate cookers; people who will cook different parts of the meals; people who will serve the meals and eat with the families; people who will visit with the adults and play with the children and help them with homework; people who will stay on-site overnight; people who will launder bedding at the end of the week. There are probably many other things that I have omitted.

This sounds a little overwhelming to me! However, one person (or even one committee) does not do it all alone. That is where many of us in the Faith Community come together, each of us doing one or two small jobs that will celebrate the differences and dignity of each of our brothers and sisters and give them a hand up. Every person involved with Family Promise that I have come in contact with is sure that he or she has been called by God to help. Some are fundraisers. Some are builders. Some are public relations pros. Some are looking forward to providing a meal. Some are looking forward to playing with the children. All of us are going to make a difference in people’s lives.
SAVE Monday, April 9 6:00 pm at St. Bridget’s Church,15 Church St.Bloomfield
THE Monthly FPOC Meeting.
DATES Saturday, April 28 Family Friendly Comedy Night @ Red Jacket High School, 7 pm, $5.00
Check out the website for more information –

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