April Message



Happy Easter to you and your family! Easter is the celebration of the birth of Christ’s church. However, for some, the fulfillment of His promise to rise again made some who followed Him to be afraid. In the days after Christ’s death the apostles met in hiding because they were in fear. They were very fearful of the unknown and because this change in their lives was sudden. Even though Christ had foreshadowed His death the apostles were still not yet ready for a change.
It was not until they received the Holy Spirit that a clarity was provided to what had happened. After Pentecost came the apostles had the courage to go out preach. They would be guided by the Holy Spirit to go out and preach the Good News of Christ’s resurrection to show His love.
We too can be apprehensive of change. Change can come at unsuspecting times. Are you ready to be led by the Holy Spirt to let us be taken where Christ wants us to be.
He is risen… risen indeed!
In Christ,
Howie Barnes

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